Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Where did April go?

The wet conditions of March stretched on until Easter Sunday then suddenly changed to sunny days, cold nights, and a brisk wind. Consequently the mud once more quickly became concrete and the grass stopped growing! It was nearly the end of the month before some showers and a slight increase in temperature brought some improvement, but here we are in the second week of May still dishing out hay & hard feeds to all the horses.

20 Years at Pantycelyn!
April 6th was the twentieth anniversary of our move to Pantycelyn and as usual we celebrated with fish& chips from Lloyds in Lampeter - this is because it was the first meal that we had in
a very bare & rather cold house, surrounded by boxes waiting to be unpacked! Fairly soon the dining room became a very useful dog-pound and log store - Megan & Floss adapted quickly!

Here is a picture of how the house looked at that time, rather bleak compared with nowadays.

Coming up to date April 22 saw the return of "our" swallows, and the necessity to keep the garage doors shut until they have settled to repairing their old nests in the barn - much diving about and twittering!

So now we are in May, just the other side of an extraordinary General Election and still coping with very unpredictable weather - Global Warming is oddly cold at times!

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