Monday, September 06, 2010

Welcome September

July and August passed largely in grey drizzle and yet again the hanging baskets, having lost the will to live, had to be taken down early. However there were two newsworthy items in July, first - the sale of 2yr old Nantgwinau Cadog, closely followed by second - his sire Geler Sparc winning the Welsh Cob Stallion Championship at the Royal Welsh Show! As can be seen in this photo Cadog has settled in well at his new home in Stockport, we look forward to hearing how he develops.

On 1st September 4yr old Nantgwinau Cadno Coch went off to "boarding school" near Newquay to be broken to ride and learn how to behave under different circumstances. It seems very strange without him in the paddock behind the house, always ready with a comment whenever he caught sight of us - usually "isn't it time for tea/breakfast/anything?" He will be advertised for sale again in a few weeks, anyone interested can view him while being schooled by appointment only.

There has been tremendous swallow activity around the house during the past week, the youngsters honing their flying skills at great speed - sometimes unfortunately crashing into the windows and two of them taking a wrong turn through the half door into the kitchen! They must be very close now to starting their journey to Africa, hopefully to return next April. The other excitement in the last few days has been spotting the International Space Station flying overhead, amazing to see this very bright object travelling so quickly across the night sky, only in view for about 5 minutes but well worth standing out in the cold for!

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