Monday, March 29, 2010

Nantgwinau Magic & Nantgwinau Rebecca

The old saying about waiting hours for one bus and then two or three come along at once can sometimes apply to horses! Last week, on successive days, came news out of the blue about Nantgwinau Magic (Nebo Magic x Rhandir Farwel Haf) and Nantgwinau Rebecca (Derwen Desert Express x Nantgwinau Rosina) from their new owners. It is always a great pleasure to catch up with the lives of Cobs that we have bred and we look forward to hearing more about both of them in due course. Magic is now 15 yrs old, doubtless very different from the 6 month old foal who left here so long ago, and has only been at his new home in Bournemouth for a few days - we hope that he and Sharon will have a lot of fun together. Rebecca is now 7 yrs old, full sister to our beautiful black Rachel, and has apparently done very well at in-hand showing during 2009 - including 3rd in the barren mare class at the Welsh National Show. Ridden classes are the target for 2010 so we hope for even more success for her with Kelly.

February was quite busy with B&B guests but cold & dry so the signs of spring were very slow, no chance of daffodils out for St David on 1st March, and the ground like concrete! March very soon turned concrete into mud once more unfortunately and having now switched to Summer Time we are told to expect snow this week - Happy Easter everyone!!

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