Friday, August 09, 2013

Pendam Sally 1986 - 2013

A sad week here as our good friend Pendam Sally died suddenly in her field on Monday evening. She had spent the last 23 of her 27yrs with us at Nantgwinau and produced some good foals for us, also three lovely palomino foals when on loan to Terackie Stud.  She was a great character, a very kind mare and is much missed by us all.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rachel at play

We wanted some action shots of Rachel so turned her into a new paddock (always exciting) and blew a whistle to keep her on the move!   This video is the result - the background crackling noise was caused by a wicked East wind rushing up the paddock as we filmed, a very cold session but fun to do.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Builth Cob Sale 21 October

Many apologies to anyone hoping to see Nantgwinau Rachel  (Lot 690) on Sunday - circumstances beyond our control prevented us from getting her there.  She remains for sale and can be viewed at home by appointment, please note that she has not been backed only long reined.  Some people have been surprised by her size, at 15.2hh not to all tastes but a great package!

Monday, July 16, 2012

2012 - the Rain Year

Time to start up again after a long gap!

This is very excited Sally on bat-watch - she was the first to notice that we have bats living in the overhang outside the kitchen window!  We have seen as many as 9 flying out late in the evening, zooming about in most athletic fashion in their quest for food.  Not sure what sort they are but look larger than Pipistrel.

Next we report on Nantgwinau Rachel, now 7 years old, 15hh, and in need of a new home with knowledgeable owner. At present she is away having some basic schooling and trailer training, should be backed soon and ready to start her new life.

See for more pictures of Rachel and her family.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Winter 2010/11

Trying to catch up as usual - the winter was very hard but picturesque! The snow lasted a long time in severely low temperatures, then a slow thaw followed by rain and drizzle all through February combined to produce far too much mud.
St David had a good effect in March, Dydd Dewi Sant was dry and the rest of the month followed suit leading into the driest April for many a year - and of course the grass stopped growing! Our swallows returned on 19 April and are now busy refurbishing their nests in the barn, swooping around the house in their characteristic fashion, and doing a lot of twittering - the original sort!

Cadno surveying his kingdom! Above is Pendam Sally now in her 25th year, a hardy soul she lived out all winter - I think somewhat disapproving of Cadno having the use of a field shelter!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

October almost gone!

Just in time to comment on October before "welcoming" November! Quite a lot of B&B guests to keep us busy and weather not bad on the whole. The main news centres on Cadno - no, not sold yet - but completed his six weeks schooling creditably, very complimentary remarks from all who saw him work. This picture shows him being ridden in the school by a (very competent) 10 year old girl.

Since then he has been shod for the first time today and taken out to join the Vale of Clettwr at their meet at Synod Inn. He thoroughly enjoyed following for an hour or so and took the road work in his stride also - there were lots of firsts on this outing and we are very proud of how he behaved.

Winter can now begin, I have Nigella's latest book Kitchen from the library to browse through - she is the only cookery writer to make me regularly laugh out loud with her no nonsense approach and real love of eating, definitely the Queen of Comfort Food! If you don't believe me try the Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding, we just have and feel very happy!

Clocks go back tonight so brighter mornings for a while but the other end of the day not so good, never mind it's surprising how soon the days lengthen again once we get into January - and of course we have Christmas to lighten the gloom!