Friday, February 05, 2010

The Big Thaw

Very pleased to see the end of January, the last post finished rather too optimistically and we had to cope with 8 days of frozen water pipes! The problem proved to be under the road in front of the house, so we just had to wait for the thaw - it was a very great relief to see the fields turning green once more. Now of course we have mud instead of snow & frost but at least we are warmer!
February has brought quite a few B&B bookings including several house hunters so maybe there is an upturn in the market - last year unusually there were none at all.

One of the plus sides of winter horse feeding is being more aware of the bird life around, as well as the odd fox and many rabbits of course. Lately we have seen - and heard! - several large skeins of geese, I think the largest was nearly a hundred birds. Other regulars are ravens passing overhead with their dry "craaak" call, magpies and crows watching from the trees hoping for leftovers, and the much bolder blackbirds & robins hopping about quite close to the feed dishes! Other odd sightings have been: the moon setting in the west just as the sun was rising in the east; and one evening the western sky was a dirty yellow colour while in the east a green moon was rising - very spooky!

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