Friday, January 08, 2010

Shopping and the Big Freeze

Our first shopping expedition of the year was successful yesterday, albeit somewhat stressful because of the snowy conditions. We had to travel the first one and a half miles down our unsalted lane in first gear until we reached the relatively clear B4337 to Llanwnnen. The A470 into Lampeter was quite good but what a mess on the pavements in town - very pleased to have worn our wellies for this trip! Having restocked for ourselves and the animals we came cautiously home, heaved a big sigh of relief and felt much happier with life - big mistake! This morning we awoke to find that the coldest night of the year had done it's worst and that the mains water was frozen again (see Feb 09). Trying to keep 5 water tanks topped up for the horses is bad enough when constantly having to clear them of ice, but no water available is a real hassle. So tomorrow will hopefully bring 2 men and a machine to re-lay part of the water pipe in a deeper trench!

Still three weeks of January left and more snow and frost forecast - very pretty but the novelty has worn off!

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