Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wild November

Far too much rain and wind so far this month - plus some fog & frost for good measure! Today started well, feeding the horses was quite enjoyable under sun and blue sky (ignoring the water-logged ground) but whilst admiring a perfect rainbow the heavens suddenly opened and we were soon very wet indeed! However, putting our trust in the forecast, we later went off to Aberaeron for lunch and were rewarded with a very pleasant drive. As usual the town makes me think of Toytown with so many colourfully painted houses, especially around the harbour, even on a grey day there is an air of cheerfullness as well as a reminder of a more leisurely age.

We had a good look at the new harbour wall with its impressive defences against the sea - the size and number of the rocks/boulders that have been put in place is truly amazing - then had a well earned & enjoyable lunch at The Harbourmaster before returning home refreshed.

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