Monday, October 19, 2009

Seasonal changes & Welsh Cobs still for sale!

The first autumn frost appeared last Saturday morning, so it was time to dig out the sweatshirts once more to ward off the chill! We took advantage of the lovely sunny day to drive out to the reservoir of Lyn Brianne through the beautiful Cothi Valley - a drive admittedly much easier for passengers to enjoy than drivers owing to the narrowness of the road - we had a pleasant walk by the lake with our two wildly excited dogs and then ambled home by a different route, very relaxing!

Trees are changing colour and leaves drifting down at the slightest breeze these days, the horses are beginning to look rather woolly as their winter coats grow in, the first load of hay has been ordered, we are definitely getting into a winter mind-set.

More photos of Nantgwinau Cadno Coch who has been advertised on several sites recently with surprisingly little interest in such a handsome chap - too much competition perhaps with over 1000 entries in the Builth Cob Sales last weekend. Still it would be nice to have someone come and take a look at least! We also still have the yearling colt Nantgwinau Cadog - see previous post - all reasonable offers considered for either of them.