Friday, May 13, 2011

Winter 2010/11

Trying to catch up as usual - the winter was very hard but picturesque! The snow lasted a long time in severely low temperatures, then a slow thaw followed by rain and drizzle all through February combined to produce far too much mud.
St David had a good effect in March, Dydd Dewi Sant was dry and the rest of the month followed suit leading into the driest April for many a year - and of course the grass stopped growing! Our swallows returned on 19 April and are now busy refurbishing their nests in the barn, swooping around the house in their characteristic fashion, and doing a lot of twittering - the original sort!

Cadno surveying his kingdom! Above is Pendam Sally now in her 25th year, a hardy soul she lived out all winter - I think somewhat disapproving of Cadno having the use of a field shelter!

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