Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Welsh Cobs for sale and "Trust me, I'm a Dealer"

Dear me I had a senior moment there and forgot to mention our other young Cob for sale, that is Nantgwinau Cadno Coch, a very handsome 3 year old gelding who would really appreciate some one-to-one attention. More details are on our updated Nantgwinau website but here is a photo to whet the appetite!

Now then, more horsey news - Paul Martin of "Flog It" fame has started a new show called "Trust Me, I'm a Dealer" and in tomorrow's episode (Wed 2 Sept) will be seen at the Elisabeth Curtis Centre for Disabled Riders, Bromham, Bedford, trying to help raise money for a new pony. I spent many happy years helping at that Centre before we moved to Wales in 1990, and I am looking forward to seeing how they get on with their quest. You can find the Centre website on our links page, a very worthy cause to support.

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