Monday, June 22, 2009

Well we are now halfway through 2009 and seriously behind in news items! Brief summary:-

The winter was reasonably normal until February when extreme cold caused our mains water supply to freeze, and it stayed that way for a week! Much hacking out of ice from the field tanks ensued, to be melted on the Rayburn and then taken out again - this was supplemented by many contributions from our very kind neighbours, an interesting experience but we were very glad to return to normal.

Spring eventually broke through, as usual the wild daffodils were well ahead of their cultivated cousins, followed by snowdrops & pussy willow, and a general unfolding of greenery. This year seems to have been very good for bluebells, gorse, and laburnam - the latter grows like a weed in the hedgerows in these parts. By now the garden flowers and hanging baskets are joining in the fun, let's just hope for a more settled summer than the last two so that we get a good show of colour into the autumn.

No foals this year (on purpose) but we are hoping to sell our two "boys" fairly soon, Cadno Coch is now a really attractive chestnut 3 year old gelding, ready to start schooling and hopefully he will be as enthusiastic as his older brother & sister - Desert Fox and Croeso Haf. Our bay yearling colt Cadog is extremely handsome and naturally we think full of potential!

The 3 mares Ffarwel Haf, Rosina, and Rachel are all "resting" at the moment. Rachel looks like a good ridden cob prospect so possibly that will be her future rather than breeding.

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margaret said...

Nice to see you are doing well at Nantgwinau Life is good here in the mountains of Spain with our Spanish native neighbours. Congratulations on your Golden Wedding Anniversary. The welsh cobs look gorgeous, we have still got our poodles (4) and they give us lots of pleasure. Look st your website quite frequently, Love Margaret & David (your long lost cousin)