Friday, June 20, 2008

Another visit to see Bella this morning, making progress again after a bit of a hitch last week - she apparently thought it was more fun to whiz round the sand school by herself, rather than being ridden! Pictures show Cara on board and Yvonne in charge on the ground.

The journey to Newcastle Emlyn and beyond is a real switchback with some wicked bends built in, but with the bonus of some spectacular views at times. The countryside has been very lush of late, now we see fields turning dramatically from green to yellow as the silage and hay crops are stripped off and cleared away. Predominate wild flowers at the moment are foxgloves, buttercups, campion, stitchwort, and masses of the large white ox-eye daisy. Another attractive feature is small flocks of goldfinches darting out of the hedgerows as we drive past.

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