Thursday, May 22, 2008

I have just seen an advertisement in NFU Countryside for an electric wheelbarrow! Extraordinary - complete with brakes, throttle, 24volt battery, a snip at £199! Probably very useful in some circumstances but not at the top of our wish list (yet!).

Today we made our annual pilgrimage to the delightfully named Ladybird Nursery in Ciliau Aeron to stock up with plants - for 12 hanging baskets, 3 manger baskets, and one large wooden tub. A total of 69 plants representing several hours of delving in compost all in the cause of making Pantycelyn look attractive for the summer!

The swallows are very busy having decided to build in the barn next to the house, apparently not bothered by the noise of the quad bike coming and going during the day. The sweltering temperatures of last week made us think that summer had arrived - but of course with the Bank Holiday approaching we are back to cloudy skies and a chill east wind!

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