Friday, December 08, 2006

Well, whatever happened to November? Grey, damp and gloomy much of the time - but never mind say the forecasters think how MILD it is! Grrr! Think how MUDDY it is! Ah well, there was the odd sunny day to enjoy and on one of them we were driving north towards Talsarn and spotted a bright blue tree in the middle of a field. This was a dead tree I hasten to add but still making a good shape. Unfortunately no camera to record this rather surreal sight but it was really very jolly and must have made many people smile.

Here is Nantgwinau Cadno Coch again, he has now been weaned and is nice and cosy in his stable - unlike his mother & sisters who are living out in all weathers! During November we had news of his big brother 4yr old N. Desert Fox - his new owner is very pleased with his progress and plans to show him under saddle next year. He is now 15.1hh and very smart as you can see. One of these days I hope to work out how to get the pictures where I want them to be, at the moment they are out of my control!

December has started even wetter than November, I hope to report improvement in my next entry - just a little drier is all we ask, nothing too extreme!

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